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Company CV


Graduated in 1997 from Lancaster University with a 1st class degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering.  Worked as a Research Scientist for the UK Ministry of Defence after graduation focussing on satellite communications and battlefield simulation.  Relocated to the USA and worked as a Senior Software Engineer for MBNA (banking), Motorola (police radio networks) and Arizona State University (NASA Mars orbiter) before returning to the UK to work modelling supply chains for the RAF via BAE Systems.  Employed as a Senior Systems Developer  (LAMP stack) for small to medium businesses thereafter before launching FlatCoder Ltd. in August 2010.

FlatCoder Ltd. Activities 2015/2016

  • Development of a business intelligence platform.
  • Software to manage a busy kitchen. From ingredients to recipes to rotas, schedules, nutritional calculations, production and labelling.
  • Case management software (web based). Used to keep both business and client organised. Access control, SMS, mobile app and automated reminders.
  • Custom time sheet software (web based) with automatic invoice, payroll and expense calculations. Integrated with Sage accounting software.
  • Custom job management software (web based). End to end workflow with tasks, automatic emails/SMS and integration with Xero accounting software.
  • Mobile app for managing jobs and collecting data on site. Multiple forms for multiple purposes. All mail merged on sync to server.
  • Software to calculate freight costs based on origin, destination, haulage, weight, volume and more.
  • Trainer for 3-day intensive Subversion (svn) courses.
  • Talking avatar development with accurate lip-sync for text-to-speech.

FlatCoder Ltd. Activities 2014/2015

  • Full stack and full lifecycle developer for a large, highly functional job portal. Developed using the CakePHP MVC framework.
  • Backend developer of a kitchen management system for a home delivery menu proivder.
  • API development. 1. Integrate with a bespoke single sign on system, 2. Integrate with a vehicle valuation SOAP API.
  • Mobile application for transport. Data collection, photographs, GPS position, bar/QR codes, signatures and submission.
  • Mobile application to integrate with a music portal via the WordPress API. Developed using Apache Cordova (PhoneGap).
  • Numerous host migrations. Transferring web hosting, email hosting, SSL certificates and environment setups.
  • Numerous web sites developed, technical support and system administration (including backups, disaster recovery etc.).
  • Trainer for 5-day intensive MySQL courses.
  • Ninja vs Aliens game released for Android.
  • Secure RFID software using a Raspberry Pi with NFC reader.

FlatCoder Ltd. Activities 2013/2014

  • Development of Digital Reminiscence mobile games to help dementia patients.
  • Development of medical software to assist busy doctors.
  • Mobile application development allowing data collection for a green energy provider.
  • SEO and web development for a number of startups and existing clients.
  • Further CRM development for an existing client.
  • Development of a mobile application to allow collection of data / photographs and then send them back to CRM via VPN.
  • Development of home automation (lights, power, etc.) software using a Raspberry Pi and Python.

FlatCoder Ltd. Activities 2012/2013

  • BloodRunner, a 3D arcade tunnel racer game, released for mobiles, tablets and desktops.
  • Developer for a Music Portal with integrated radio player and play list manager.  Intelligent search allowing for “auto-play lists”.
  • Desktop medical software to assist busy Doctors.  Also responsible for the web site/e-Commerce.
  • Tablet / Mobile CRM Developer (Job Manager) for the Building & Construction industry.
  • Tablet / Mobile Application Client for an existing CRM system (Green Deal Provider).
  • Bespoke CRM solution for an Asbestos Management company (highly regulated; audit and security focussed).
  • Other web sites developed for clients included gaming, medical and sports club sites.
  • Managed several Linux servers for a high-reliability hosting provider.  Patches, monitoring, backups, DR.
  • Technical writing (for end-users and administrators).

FlatCoder Ltd. Activities 2011/2012

  • Advanced sports virtual reality 3D replay from GPS tracking (geo-tagging) data. Integrated with Google Maps and Street View.
  • Inherited an arcade game coding task from a large USA vendor who had development problems/roadblocks.
  • Developed a GUI to support a reverse Monte Carlo tool set developed by Queen Mary University, School of Physics and Astronomy.
  • Enhanced an OpenERP solution for a local engineering company.  Also now responsible for the server itself.
  • Managed several Linux servers for a high-reliability hosting provider. Bespoke backup software.
  • A custom eBay search tool using the existing eBay API but extending capability.
  • Developer, version control software for Microsoft Office.
  • Numerous websites and web applications.  E-Commerce, online games and more.
  • Audit solutions for a legacy system.

FlatCoder Ltd. Activities 2010/11

  • Educational 3D chatbot game using Python, Jabber/XMPP, Openfire Server, Panda3D and AIML.
  • Custom development around Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.  Based on Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and SugarCRM.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning using OpenERP (Python and PostgresSQL).
  • Web Site Development (WordPress, Drupal) and SEO.
  • Integration of systems with Microsoft Exchange Server.  Developed in Ruby on Linux, using Exchange Web Services (EWS/SOAP).
  • Development of a free educational resource (
  • Secure Linux Kiosks for the NHS.


1st Class B.Sc. Hons Computer Science w/Software Engineering (Lancaster University, 1997).