Freelance Software Developer UK

Cross-platform mobile (Android, iOS), Desktop (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) and web solutions.
Web Applications
From brochure sites through to full e-Commerce sites, CMS, CRM, ERP and entirely bespoke projects.
3D Simulation
With Python/Panda3D, Lua/Shiva3D and Unity3D for their excellent scripting and cross-platform support.
Arcade Games
Most any platform! From arcade cabinets to desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux) through to mobile (iOS, Android).
Linux and LAMP
Usually Linux for development of cross-platform solutions for: Mac, Windows, Linux, Mobile (Android, iOS) and Web.
Design and Administration
Design & Maintenance. MySQL most of the time, PostgresSQL and MS SQL Server as needed.
Freelance Software Developer
Python and PHP. Javascript, HTML, CSS, Lua, C/C++, Java, frameworks (Django, CakePHP), libraries (jQuery, AngularJS) ...

Full Stack Software Developer UK

Hiya! I’m Gary and I’m the FlatCoder, a freelance software developer. I started out in 1997 with a 1st class B.Sc (Hons) in Computer Science and Software Engineering from Lancaster University, UK. I have worked in the industry as a software developer ever since. I began FlatCoder Ltd. in 2010 and continue to be blessed by some fantastic projects and clients!

Previously, I worked as a Research Scientist for the UK Ministry of Defence after graduation focusing on satellite communications and battlefield simulation (1997 – 2000). Relocated to the USA and worked as a Senior Software Engineer for MBNA (banking), Motorola (police radio networks) and Arizona State University (NASA Mars orbiter) before returning to the UK to work modelling supply chains for the RAF via BAE Systems. Employed as a Senior Systems Developer  (LAMP stack) for small to medium businesses before launching FlatCoder Ltd. in August 2010.  Due to the nature of some work, I still have SC Clearance.

Recent clients have hired FlatCoder Ltd. to develop software for bespoke CRM systems, a social network, award winning mobile applications, marketing and workflow automation, warehouse item tracking, live events management, web portals and more!

Recent technologies have included Python (Django and Flask), Shopify APIs, Google APIs, Microsoft APIs, AWS, Azure, React and React Native, Angular JS, THREE.js, WebGL, WordPress plugins (PHP), GraphQL, Containers (Docker), the Node JS ecosystem, Microservices, DevOps, Sharepoint…

Building information management for PHE.
Document Management for Rolls Royce Submarines.
Award winning Digital Assistant for Bolton College.
AI Playlist generation for an African Music Portal (VUGA).
An Arcade Water Shooter for Coastal Amusements USA.
CRM, ERP and other business applications.
Modelling supply chains (Monte Carlo) for BAE Systems.
Processing images from the NASA Mars Orbiter for Arizona State University.
Software to manage Police Radio Networks for Motorola.
Porting a credit acquisition system to the Canadian locale for MBNA.
Battlefield Simulation and Satellite Networks for the UK MoD.
1997, 1st Class Bsc. (Hons) from Lancaster University.