Integration with Shopify services and APIs to deliver a store web application.  On this occasion, the idea was to add a donation widget to the checkout process, letting shoppers pick from a set of donation amounts or enter their own amount, and decide on a charity as the recipient.


Data Processing

Making sense of data from fisheries to display on an interactive map.  Data retrieved via an API and then massaged into visual layers with paths and icon hotspots.  Paths and hotspots are clickable and reveal specific details.

Web & eCommerce

Web sites and e-commerce using various platforms.  FlatCoder Ltd. has experience of WordPress / WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, Drupal and Umbraco.



Building and information management (BIM) solutions backed by a common data environment (CDE).

3D Model Viewer, Document Stamping, Image Editing, Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), Events and Workflow, External Integrations (Sharepoint, Viewpoint), People and Permissions, Alerts, Notifications and Live Feeds…


Marketing and workflow automation software to improve productivity.

Automatically send letters, post cards, emails, text messages (SMS) or other per a campaign schedule.



Live Events

Events management software (accreditation, presentation management, digital signage).


Freight calculations and business intelligence solutions.  Bespoke end user interfaces to complex calculations, with back-end reporting and data warehousing.


Managing mass food production and customer preferences with live updates to the kitchen, customers, back office.

AI in Psychology

An interactive online behavioural therapist using CBT.

Essentially a digital assistant psychologist.  A talking avatar was developed with accurate text-to-speech (TTS) lip syncing and animation.



FlatCoder Ltd. has delivered several tailored CRM / ERP solutions to various industries.

  • CRM and Mobile Apps for Surveyance.  Particularly risk assessments and highly audited industries.
  • ERP and supporting Mobile Apps for Warehouse / Supply Chain Management.
  • CRM to manage a training school for HGV drivers.
  • CRM to manage a fitted furniture business.

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