September 16, 2014

Mobile App Development 2014/15

Some samples of apps by FlatCoder Ltd. circa 2014/15.

Mobile App Developer UK


Screenshot from 2014-09-16 21:09:54

BloodRunner was just one of those ideas I couldn’t leave alone.  Inspired by the likes of The Fantastic Voyage and Innerspace, fuelled by the disappointment of Microcosm back in the day… it too, was a bit of a flop.  Still, got it out of my system and it makes a nice portfolio piece.  🙂

It was developed using the Shiva3D game engine which allows for publishing on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, others.  The game is still available for Android (via the Google Play Store) and Ubuntu Linux (Software Centre).  The Windows version (shareware, first 4 levels) is also still out there I believe.

Calidus VeHUB


VeHUB is a two-part application.  The backend/server side was developed by Cass Software.  The mobile application, by FlatCoder.  It allows HGV drivers to collect data for populating VOSA forms.  This currently includes a daily vehicle check (allowing photographs via camera), trailer and vehicle scanning (bar codes and QR codes) and accident reports (again, including photographs).  Driver signatures are also collected and all data is GPS location stamped.  The application works offline and only sends when it discovers both connectivity and GPS.   Developed specifically for TomTom devices.

My Life Software


A client of FlatCoder developing digital reminiscence software to help patients with Alzheimer’s. At the time of writing, FlatCoder has produced the jigsaw and coconut shy activities you see above. The applications were written entirely in HTML5/Javascript, making use of the HTML canvas.

Ninja vs Aliens


This game actually came about due to bits of code I had I thought could be reused easily and a memory of the bonus level in the SEGA game Shinobi (1980s arcade gold!).  Just a pet/side project, filled a couple of hours a day over a week or so.  Since it was just for fun, I experimented trying CocoonJS as a platform (it has a cloud based build, I was curious!).  Worked quite well I guess.  Of course, it would end in tears if the CocoonJS site disappeared and people needed to rebuild!  Other than that, it’s entirely HTML5/Javascript/Canvas again.

OMC Survey App


A completely bespoke application for analysts to use onsite when gathering data.  Prior to the application, the client had to send emails of data and photographs for manual re-entry.  FlatCoder also developed a Bespoke CRM Solution for OMC Ltd.  The mobile application sends data directly to CRM but can work offline and sync when possible.  Developed using Apache Cordova to allow release on Android, iOS, and other device types.


Screenshot from 2014-09-16 23:22:53

Not a lot to say here!  This was developed in an evening to end a Photoshop war with a friend on Facebook!  (Yes, that’s him in the game, ugly little sprite ain’t he?).  Written, like BloodRunner, using the Shiva3D game engine.  As per the Photoshop war, it’s ongoing, in it’s like third or fourth year now!


Screenshot from 2014-09-16 22:00:45

VUGA is an African music portal.  FlatCoder developed the VUGA site itself (front end, back end, server tools for processing audio) and the VUGA platform (algorithms for finding and queuing related music).  A mobile app to support the effort was inevitable!  Once again, developed using Cordova.